About Us



Hope and beyond is an organization with a mission to provide holistic care to families and communities suffering from alcohol and substance use disorders

A society without Substance Abuse

happy familyRestoration of hope to those who are discouraged by the challenges of alcohol and substance abuse.
H&B extends her services beyond any form of social, political or economic divide.  The main treatment goal of HaB is to help clients achieve abstinence and attain better quality of life

  1. To implement programs and activates geared towards reduction of alcohol and substance abuse.
  2. To mitigate the challenge of HIV among people affected by substance abuse.
  3. To work with people and communities affected by the substance abuse to acquire and sustain resources to improve their standard of living.

Core Values

Honesty: Rigorous honesty a key to recovery from substance abuse. At Hope and Beyond, we are always true to ourselves and others in our day-to-day business. We serve all humanity without any bias and we are always accountable in what we do.

Openness: We at all times encourage openness in discussing issues and challenges in order to establish and address the root causes of the challenges.

Patience: Hope and Beyond acknowledges that is a gradual and life long process. We promote patience and tolerance as a core value in order to give our clients time to recover.

Empathy: Central to Hope and Beyond’s operations is a strong ability to place ourselves in the shoes of our clients in order to empower them to fully address their challenges.