Belgium-based consultant Johan De Bruycker facilitated the strategic planning for the coming 5 years. The newly set development agenda for 2018 to 2022 seeks to expand treatment and rehabilitation services in Kampala and in Uganda to better help mitigating the substance use disorder epidemic in the country. read more →

In commemoration of her 5 years of service, HaB will organise activities to raise awareness against alcohol and substance use disorders between 13th and 26th November, 2017. A Workshop for alcohol/drug treatment service providers will be held on 23rdnd November 2017 and the official launch of Hope and Beyond will follow on 24th November 2017… read more →

Watch out for details. read more →

Alcohol has become an important feature in the lives of many inhabitants of Sub-Saharan Africa and is increasingly associated with excessive consumption and negative personal and social consequences. Uganda is one of the Sub-Saharan countries with the highest rate of alcohol-related burden in the world, but supply and demand reduction strategies such as regulatory measures,.. read more →

09 Jun 2014
June 9, 2014

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Welcome to Hope and Beyond’s Blog !.  We are an organisation with a mission to provide holistic care to families and communities suffering from addictive illnesses and substance abuse We work in Uganda, and we are based in Kampala. We work to end alcoholism and abuse of drugs  This website will tell you more about us,.. read more →