The general aim of HaB is improvement in the overall quality of life of her clients through abstinence and an addiction free lifestyle. This is achieved by numerous activities.

  1. Treatment , rehabilitation and development of people with alcohol and substance use disorders. This takes the form of detoxification and psychosocial interventions.
    1. Detoxification: HaB has a well-designed clinical program to facilitate safe elimination of the harmful substance that alcohol and drugs leave in the body. The health Unit is licensed by the Allied Health Professional Council of the Ministry of Health (Uganda).
    2. Psycho Social: A combination of Personal, Group, Home and Workplace based motivational therapies to empower the affected individuals with social skills necessary to cope with challenges in their environment.  Therapy covers a wide range of alternatives including but not limited to Occupational/livelihood skills, Life skills, cognitive and the 12 steps Alcoholics Anonymous programs.

      Treatment and rehabilitation is provided on an inpatient and outpatients basis and is followed up with After-care. Treatment duration varies with the treatment needs of the client but normally ranges between 30 days, 60 and 90 days for alcohol dependency.Other substance Use disorders usually requires longer periods of
      treatment. Brief interventions in form of medical/detox camps are provided to benefit those that cannot access residential treatment.

  2. Personal development: Our community reintegration initiatives work with families and communities of our clients to explore the economic opportunities and resources that they can use to support their recovery.
  3. Capacity building for individual, communities and institutions helping people affected by the substance abuse. This is done through our motivation seminars and workshops
  4. Research and information dissemination: Hope and Beyond is a regular presenter at the local and international gatherings which is part of her platform to inform and disseminate her research. On-going is a research project entitled ‘Toward effective culturally adapted treatment program for Alcohol Abuse in Uganda‘ being supervised jointly by Makerere University, Uganda and Ghent University, Belgium.
  5. Networking and partnership development: To further her work, Hope and Beyond collaborates with key Governmental and Non-Governmental Initiatives for example
  6. Education and awareness creation: Communities are sensitized on the disease nature of Substance Abuse (SA). This is intended to promote awareness and motivate the suffering addicts to seek treatment.
  7. Advocacy: Hope and Beyond works with like-minded individuals, groups and institutions to advocate for and promote good National and regional policies to mitigate the impact of substance abuse. The Executive Director of Hope and Beyond is a publicity secretary of East African Alcohol Policy Alliance, the Chairman to Uganda Alcohol Policy Alliance. Other prominent advocacy partners of HaB include; Global Alcohol Policy Alliance, International Organisation of Good Templars (IOGT) and World Federation against Drugs (WAFAD).