Admission Policy


The philosophy of HOPE AND BEYOND is a non-permissive approach to the treatment of alcoholism and addiction. The programme is geared to assisting the addicted to use self-discipline in all their behaviour both here and in the future. Structured living is a strong support of this goal. Understanding and acceptance is started in educational sessions. Good nutrition supports good physical health. Standard treatment duration is 90 days for alcoholics and 180 days for other substance dependants.

  1. Attendance: Attendance is required at all scheduled activities.
  2. Fitness Program: Walking/ Swimming/Yoga/exercises
  3. Fraternization: Fraternization both verbal and non-verbal between sexes is prohibited. All emotional energy needs to be concentrated on recovery.
  4. Reading: Extra reading is not advised. Assignments take up free time.
  5. Visiting: After 2 weeks of residence family members may visit on Sunday (2-5 PM). Two of the registered visitors may visit at one time. Visitors must attend the education sessions which are presented each Sunday and are asked not to bring any kind of supplies not approved. All visitor must sign in.

Requirements for the Residential

The season of the year should assist in determining the type of clothing you will bring.


You will need at least a week’s supply of casual attire- slacks, jeans, skirts, shirts, stocking, underwear. Clients are also encouraged to carry a Blanket, Bed sheets, a basin, towel, sandles and other personal effects ( e.g. soap…).

MEN MAY NOT WEAR: Earrings, cologne with alcohol content and nose or body rings.

WOMEN: Permissible attire for females (see above) is dresses and long skirts below the knee, sneakers and closed shoes, boots with low heels and below the knee, lipstick, sleepwear, including robe and slippers. All women must wear bras and a slip if wearing a dress.

WOMEN SHOULD NOT WEAR: Perfume with alcohol content, eye makeup, shorts above the knee, nose/eyebrow rings, tight clothes, low cut shorts or cropped shirts, spandex, leggings, stretch pants, bikinis, miniskirts.

Others: sweaters and/or jackets, suitable outer wear, including raincoat, boots and umbrella, Toiletries, cosmetics, shaving gear and sundries,  Non-alcoholic-solid creams best, all personal items such as hair brush, tooth brush, cosmetics, soap container, clothes, detergent, bed sheets, toothpaste/brush, mosquito net, blanket and a towel.

Other requirements

  1. POCKET MONEY: Each patient needs about 50,000/= for personal needs that are incurred while in treatment, i.e. phones calls, laundry, candy, newspapers, etc.
  2. Medical Forms: Clients must bring Medical forms about their previous visits at health facilities and prescription cards.

DO NOT BRING TO TREATMENT: Cars, cameras, radios, food, gum, alcohol cologne, mouth wash or aftershave, scissors, beepers and cell phones. If any of these items are brought into the facility, they will be stored and returned at the end of treatment.

ELECTRONICS: Only Non electric items like, alarm clock, Radios can be brought.