Hope and Beyond works with local and international universities to provide research forums for students/researchers interested in substance abuse, treatment and rehabilitation. Mr. Kalema David, HaB’s Executive Director and the Principal investigator is engaged with Ghent University, Department of special needs education and Makerere University school of Psychological studies to study culturally appropriate treatment intervention for alcohol abusers in Uganda. The study currently running at HaB and Butabika Hospital is duly approved by the Uganda National Council of Science and Technology and has already resulted into a couple of peer reviewed publications and others are in the process


  1.  Alcohol misuse, policy and treatment responses in Sub-Saharan Africa: The case of Uganda
  2. The role of religion in alcohol consumption and demand reduction in Muslim majority countries (MMC)
  3. Features and challenges of alcohol abuse treatment in Uganda Features and challenges of alcohol abuse treatment in Uganda. Although alcoholic beverages have existed for long in traditional societies in Africa, across the continent, recent studies that categorize the majority of drinkers to be among those with risky drinking patterns depict rampant alcohol abuse. This paper reviews various reports on alcohol misuse in the sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) in general and highlights negative alcohol related consequences in Uganda.